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Since the customer is a real value, and the company's success depends on the success of its customers, our company has paid much attention to the customer and sought to make poultry farmers succeed in their work, and continue to increase their productivity, through veterinary and technical team that provides medical consultation services and technical support at the door of the farmers. This team consists of a group of wide experienced veterinarians, agricultural engineers, and technicians who specialize in everything related to poultry industry. They provide free service to the customer wherever they are.

For the safety of our chicks when transported to the farmers, the company has created specially equipped trucks that provide appropriate conditioning and ventilation, which are electronically controlled. This would properly maintain the chicks during their transport to the customer farms across the country, whether in summer or winter and wherever the location was.


Dr. Munir Meftah Magarief

Mobile: 0913 1000 677


Dr. Ahmed Bioud

Mobile: 0913 214 802


Dr. Khaled Al Arabi

Mobile: 0913 735 913


Dr. Salah Greio

Mobile: 0925821651


Logo GPC-Filet Blanc.png
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