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Golden Poultry is a Libyan joint stock company, established in 2000, and began the actual production in 2001.


Now, after 14 years, we are among the leading poultry companies in Libya, which are specialized in the production and marketing of a wide range of poultry products. Moreover, we are one of the top producers in North Africa and the Middle East region.

To that end, innovative minds were recruited; every effort was exerted, and continuous and hard work in order to get to the required levels of performance. We use up to date techniques and equipment to maintain high performance levels, and ensure high quality production.

We have established a series of modern hatcheries with a huge production capacity of 85 million eggs per year, equivalent to 70 million chicks per year. The hatcheries are state of the art, known for the CO2 control technique, which makes our massive production a high-quality one, and achieve the highest rates of performance in the field. This will also create an opportunity for farmers to achieve high profits, which in turn will positively reflect on the national economic growth.

The company made a huge step in the localization of poultry industry in Libya, by setting up poultry breeder plants (Broilers – Layers). It was not possible to secure the enormous needs of hatching eggs of (Broiler – commercial Layer) except through the domestication of parent stocks. This came as a result of the determination of the company founders through the development of good policies, improving the quality of production, reduce its costs, and improve the technical and practical capacities of national staff. To reduce the impact of market instability and global conditions, the company has been a pioneer in the introduction of breeder flocks. The company has set up the breeder plants over vast spaces far away from urban and poultry areas. We relied on the latest technology, and application of the latest systems in feeding and rearing of parent flocks.

By doing so, our company have afforded the state huge amounts of hard currency over 14 million euros per year. It also contributed in providing other sources of income for the state rather than the petroleum, by exporting to some markets overseas, which are classified as difficult markets, such as Saudi Arabia. We were able to export many shipments of hatching eggs, for both broilers and egg layers, to Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

To reach the consumer as a healthy and a high quality product, the company had to get into another stage of this industry, which is the slaughter, processing and packaging of chicken. Therefore, a slaughterhouse project has been established in Sidi Sayeh region (60 km south of Tripoli), and contracts has been concluded with major competent companies for slaughter machinery to establish a high tech slaughterhouse with its necessary accessories with a slaughter capacity of 6,000 birds per hour, which is equivalent to 37.5 million bird annually. This project will come into operation soon Inshallah and will provide real jobs opportunities for job seekers. Also, it will achieve local development in the region of the project, and will contribute to more stability in chicken prices. It will also absorb surplus production, store and re-place it in the market in periods of peak consumption, in order to balance supply and demand.

Since the customer is a real value, and the company's success depends on the success of its customers, our company has paid much attention to the customer and sought to make poultry farmers succeed in their work, and continue to increase their productivity, through veterinary and technical team that provides medical consultation services and technical support at the door of the farmers. This team consists of a group of wide experienced veterinarians, agricultural engineers, and technicians who specialize in everything related to poultry industry. They provide free service to the customer wherever they are.

For the safety of our chicks when transported to the farmers, the company has created specially equipped trucks that provide appropriate conditioning and ventilation, which are electronically controlled. This would properly maintain the chicks during their transport to the customer farms across the country, whether in summer or winter and wherever the location was.

Logo GPC-Filet Blanc.png
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