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One-day old Broiler
Ross 308

The Ross 308 is the world's most popular broiler day old chick. The Ross 308 broiler is globally recognized with its stable performance in poultry farms. Integrated and independent growers appreciate Ross 308's growth rate and strong performance.


Ross-308 eats less food and yields more meat. Moreover, the ROSS-308 is more versatile. Unlike parents, the relationship between food intake and weight gain is more rational.


Advantages of the Ross-308

  • Fast weight gain. At the age of 42 days, the bird's weight is 2 918 g as hatched (each day, the bird adds an average of 69 g).

  • Versatility.

  • Livability - 96%

  • Good immunity. Birds have a high survival rate and are resistant to various diseases

  • Respect the environment. Despite the fact that many people consider this meat to be over-saturated with hormones due to the rapid growth of poultry, it is not. Breeders have been working on chicken meat for over a hundred years (they keep working) and have achieved a natural increase in weight without loss of product quality

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