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Golden Poultry Company adopts the methodology of R & D and innovation promotion.

Updated: May 25, 2022

Within the framework of the development of its performance methodology and the improvement of the competitiveness of its products at an unprecedented level, the Golden Poultry Company is storming the field of research and development, promoting innovation and opening up to the most powerful institutions with expertise and know-how at the regional and global levels, in line with the privacy of its business.

Golden Poultry Company has signed a cooperation agreement in the field of research and development and innovation promotion with (INNOVATION GROUP); one of the distinguished institutions at the regional level, based in Egypt, which possesses the experience, ability and knowledge that qualifies it to develop the institutional performance of the Golden Poultry Company, with its expertise, competencies and local and international experiences in the fields of research and development, promoting innovation and providing advisory services in this field.

This agreement includes the provision of a number of services, including: the creation and establishment of a research and development unit, the promotion of innovation within the institutional framework of the company’s structure, the development of human resources performance, technical support and the provision of innovative solutions that will develop performance and raise the competitiveness of its products, expressing an opinion and providing advice and proposals for expansions. The future of the company at the regional level in accordance with the latest international systems, specifications and global governance.


Logo GPC-Filet Blanc.png
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